July 16, 2012
July 16 2012 Stats

18% body fat
42% muscle

Ahhh, I’m so proud of myself!! However, I need to keep pushing myself! It was so tough gettin here, more the reason to stick with it ya’ll!!

July 4, 2012
Hey Y’all

Hello all xxo

No More Skinny Fat stems from years settling with the fact that I have a decent body and I shouldn’t push myself anymore than I need to. I have a decent body, alway have, I’m 5’7 and with the exception of some baby fat I had when I was a Sophomore and Junior in High School (highest weight 145lb) I’ve always been between 128-133lbs with the average of 130lbs. Not too bad for a 5’7 gal. I would work out for about two weeks, lose a few pounds, then stop working out, gain back the pounds, work out again lose them and so on, it was pathetic and frustrating cycle. 

I started getting frustrated with the fact that I am blessed with a relatively good metabolism, I look thin, I’m a small boned person I’m not “meant” to be big, it would be difficult for me to gain 15lbs. But at the same time I was always ~130lbs (not that that is bad) the thing that was bad was that I wasn’t pushing myself. I would read and see stories about women who lost 20, 30, 60, 100+ pounds and looked way more toned than I am, and I would think wow, they had so many pounds to go I only have a few pounds and whole lot of toning/strengthening/ muscle sculpting to do.

So ya’ll, it’s time for me to stop taking my body for granted! I’m ready to kick some bum, I’m ready to lift some weights, I’m ready to run my tush off, not for a week, not for two weeks, or a month, but for a lifetime. Lets go.