July 16, 2012
July 16 2012 Stats

18% body fat
42% muscle

Ahhh, I’m so proud of myself!! However, I need to keep pushing myself! It was so tough gettin here, more the reason to stick with it ya’ll!!

July 4, 2012
A picture is worth a thousand words?

A picture is worth a thousand words, usually.. but as www.urbandictionary.com/  stated you may not notice skinny fat with an untrained eye. Here are pictures of me and I’ll describe them as best as I can highlighting the skinnyfatness. 

There I am in white, at 130lbs wanna see me a few days after at ~133lbs looook..

My face is a lot bigger, my neck/chest area is fuller and my arms are fuller. Even though I slimmed down for the specific dress up top it wasn’t legitimate, I gained it all back in a few big meals. P.s check out my plate, OH my. P.s this was May 2010.

Then I took up running for a bit, here I am in mid June 2010. I weighed 127lb.Smaller tummy, small arms, and my face is thinner as well. 

Good angle at 130lbs.

Ohh ya, I’m 135ish here, April 2011. Do you see how much I changed? Face, arms, back, shoulders.

I don’t look like myself, at least not the self that I relate to. I hate this. April 2011.

I have a gazillion more photos I can upload and I will later on but here’s a few recents, I’m not yet satisfied but I’m looking better than I was right up there. 

June 26, 2012. You may not be able to tell but I’m way better shape here, I’m working past just losing the water weight, I’m building muscle.

Trying on some summer outfits June 21, 2012.

Mall shoppin’ June 9, 2012. I may look thinner than up top but I have more muscle now and less fat.

July 4, 2012

Here’s some more details. I would say on average I wore a size 6 jeans, not in Women, in Junior (would I call it that?).. basically you’re typical American Eagle, Hollister, H&M sizes. P.s I am 22 years old. When I gain some lbs I can go up to a size 7 and one time I was an 8 (I think mexican food I had the night before had a little to do with that). When I work out I get down to a size 5-4 which is where I am right now. My shirt sizes are on average small but sometimes medium. Despite what I’m weighing, or what size I am, I always dress well for my size. I also am lucky enough to look like a thin person, I’m not saying I’m super skinny looking and if you’re constantly looking at weheartit girls you’re gonna be like woah, you’re not this thin looking person.. p.s those girls are like 13, 14, 15, 16, some of their bodies haven’t fully developed, they’re in High School where it’s easier to be more active and there’s a lot of peer pressure in H.S to be thin. 

However, in the real world I am. Hello, the average height for women is 5’4 and weight of 165, so ya I’m on the thinner side. I’m not showing off, I’m just trying to level with ya’ll. I know I’m not fat, that’s why I call myself skinny fat. This isn’t about me complaining, oh my goodness I’m so fat, no this is about me raising the bar, and working hard to reach a new goal. Everyone should do that, if you’re 180lbs, then work for a healthier, stronger you. I have no excuse, just because one third of every American is obese, doesn’t mean I should settle for my decent body because amongst most women I look.. okay.